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Vobleris Swarm Float 9cm SP-C

  • Vobleris Swarm Float 9cm SP-C

    Kodas: 155631309
    1600  Sutaupykite 300 
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    Likutis: 1 vnt.
    Pirkdami galite gauti 1300 taškų.
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  • Vobleris Swarm Float 9cm, plaukiantis,nardymo gylis: 1 - 1,5 m.\n\nFish Swarm Wobbler Floating The 9 cm Fish Swarm Wobbler is available in different attractive "Fish Swarm" designs for Perch- Walleye and Pike fishing. The very unusual "Swarm" designed combined with the integrated rattle tempts the fast predatory fish to bite. Modern twitching methods can be used as well as simple reel-ins. A great bait that imitates fish swarms or brood fish. May also be used for spin fishing on ponds and rivers. Short shovel, diving depth: 1 - 1,5 m