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Vobleris Jerk Jimmy 20cm 50g SP-D

  • Vobleris Jerk Jimmy 20cm 50g SP-D

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  • Vobleris Jerk Jimmy 20cm 50g

    The perfection of a natural prey-fish. Small, large pike, zander, catfish and all predatory fish in our waters: Beware! With JIMMY you have found your "Champion". JIMMY is hardly even a lure; JIMMY is almost a "real" fish. You will not easily find another plug on the market with such realistic swimming ability. His 5 body segments make him appear totally realistic movements, found in no other artificial bait. JIMMY presents himself not only in the most beautiful S-movements, but on top of that, he shows his flanks with sideways movements with his integrated downward movement of his head. With short rod hits, he deviates from his normal swimming movement and darts sideways copying a fleeing prey-fish. JIMMY can be used as a plug or as a jerkbait. When one of the very large predatory fish has decided not to attack JIMMY, then you have the option of changing the movement of a plug to that of a jerkbait. This technique has the effect of animating the biting reflex of the pike resulting in the attack. Each plug is equipped with: - 5-sections - Slow sinking - Razor sharp treble hooks - S-curve movement - Jerkbait function - Tipping and sideways movement with integrated head-movement - Unbelievably natural design - Extra strong spring rings.

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