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Vobleris Deep-Twitch 7cm 8,8g SP-Silver

  • Vobleris Deep-Twitch 7cm 8,8g SP-Silver

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  • Vobleris Deep-Twitch 7cm 8,8g, plaukiantis

    This belly-shaped mini-wobbler with a length of just 7 cm is even capable of attracting some larger predatory fish like walleye and pike in deeper regions. The additional attention-getting function of the wobbler- rattles makes the fast moving predatory fish want to bite. The flanking movements of the water-filled body imitates a tasty meal and is well suited or the majority of predatory fish. The deep twitch is also great for trolling, as well as for employing the modern twitching method. With an abrupt stop, the Deep-Twist climbs up which tempts the fish to bite. An optimal solution - for deeper waters as well. In our choice of colors, we have gone with the tried and proven alluring tones in various patterns.