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Valas KRYSTONITE Fluorocarbon 150m Wychwood

  • Valas KRYSTONITE Fluorocarbon 150m Wychwood

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    Valas KRYSTONITE Fluorocarbon 150m

  • Krystonitas yra fluorokarbonu dengtas superkopolimeras, monofilamentinis pluoštas, kuris buvo sukurtas atsižvelgiant į mažiausią skilimo įtampą. Maža atmintis, puikus atsparumas dilimui ir silpnas matomumas. „Krystonite“ yra puikus pasirinkimas visiems meškeriotojams.

    Since Multistrand in 1988 Kryston have been widely recognised as market leaders in bait presentation. The latest materials combined with innovative design keeps Kryston at the forefront of technological advancement. Its no surprise that Kryston products have accounted for more National and International records than any other brand and Snake-Bite, Super Mantis and Quick Silver Gold are hooklengths which have broken the world carp record an amazing ten times!

    Modern angling requires line which are difficult for fish to detect. Smooth, supple, limp lines running through the swim are better than a stiff, visible one. Krystonite is a fluorocarbon coated super copolymer monofilament and has been developed with this in mind, with true diameters and true minimum breaking strains being vital specifications. A low diameter line, Krystonite offers longer casting for its breaking strain allowing the angler to fish at range without having to compromise line strength. With high knot strength, low memory for smoother casting, excellent abrasion resistance and low visibility, Krystonite is a superb choice for all specimen anglers.