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Spininigas WhitePearl Japan 2.40m 10-30g

  • Spininigas WhitePearl Japan 2.40m 10-30g

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  • Spininigas WhitePearl Japan 2.40m 10-30g,transport.ilgis 125cm, svoris 175g

    • Dream rods for the specialized angler!
    • Super-action – Thin – Trendy
    • Powerful – Handcrafted
    Six handcrafted rods with extra fast action for active, precise,
    and aggressive baitfish angling. The two different casting weights
    qualifies the White Pearl series for use in most modern angling
    techniques such as “Twitching” a minnow, drop shotting, angling
    with plugs or simply casting and retrieving “cranking”. The White
    Pearl makes it possible to present the bait in a natural and
    attractive way.
    All of the features that make a stylish handcrafted spinning rod
    what it needs to be gives the White Pearl its name, such as,
    a thin rod, high quality rings with abrasion free sleeves, extreme
    lightness, fast action, a progressive power transition as well
    as a modern look.

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