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Spininigas Tele Energy Cork 20-50g

  • Spininigas Tele Energy Cork 20-50g

    Kodas: 151220270
    8800  Sutaupykite 1800 
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 1 vnt.
    Pirkdami galite gauti 7000 taškų.
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  • Spininigas Tele Energy Cork 2.40m 20-50g: transport.ilgis 62cm, svoris 180g

    Spininigas Tele Energy Cork 2.70m 20-50g: transport.ilgis 63cm, svoris 190g

    Spininigas Tele Energy Cork 3.00m 20-50g: transport.ilgis 65cm, svoris 250g

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    Patogi kamštienos rankena

    Mixed carbon Telescopic rod in high quality material. Rugged material-fast backbone-compact transport modus. The rod series was developed by professional anglers with the "all around angler" in mind. High quality components such as a mixed carbon blank, comfortable cork handle, guides with high quality inserts, and a metal butt-cap were incorporated in the construction. The use of a blank made from a composite of fiberglass and carbon make the rod stabile - with a fast and strong backbone - for direct contact with the fish. A secure hook-set is secured whether it be on carp or predatory fish - even at long distances. Mixed fiberglass- and carbon- material Slender blank Comfortable cork handle Aluminum butt-cap Gun smoke guides with high quality inserts

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