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Spininigas ProX-Pert 2.4m 100-180g

  • Spininigas ProX-Pert 2.4m 100-180g

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  • Spininigas ProX-Pert 2.4m 100-180g, transport.ilgis 125cm, svoris 233g

    The ProX-Pert Pilk & Jig series was developed for popular
    and effective lure fishing as well as for jigging from the boat.
    The thin and light carbon-blank makes for a stiff spine as well
    as a sensitive tip. This rod also demonstrates its advantages
    when artificial bait angling on the Baltic. All of the guides are
    equipped with robust high quality inserts. Its lightweight qualities provide for long and tireless fishing.
    • Strong spine
    • Sensitive tip
    • Slip-free EVA handle
    • Sturdy reel-holder
    • Ultra-lite and thin Carbon-Blank

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