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Spininigas I-Fish On 2.70m iki 25g

  • Spininigas I-Fish On 2.70m iki 25g

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  • Ilgis 2,70 m, užmetimo svoris iki 25g, transport. ilgis 140cm, 2 dalys, svoris 165g

    Carbon-blank-construction FSP Fast - Sensitive - Powerful * LC - Long Cast Rings * Fast - light - stylish Fluorescent-Green * High quality components The handcrafted time tested i-fish one rod series stands for style, speed, strength, and state of the art components. In as much as modern angling techniques require specially designed rods, we have developed the i-fish one series in two cast weight categories for modern predatory fish angling. As a result of ongoing development, the FSP Fast - Sensitive - Powerful high carbon material was used to create the stronger and faster new "High Quality" rod blank. The flat black look is set off by a number of stylish modern fluorescent-green accessories that are integrated into the rod. In addition to this, a high density EVA-handle and the newest generation of LC (Long Cast) rings were combined. In conclusion: The i-fish one brings together all of the capabilities and demands of this new generation of rods that are placed by the modern angler