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Spiningas Simano Catana FX 3.00m 10-100g 2 dalys

  • Spiningas Simano Catana FX 3.00m 10-100g 2 dalys

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    The Catana FX lure rods combine exceptional value with the latest actions and modern looks. Available in both fast and moderate-fast actions, in a wide range of options, Catana will elevate your performance to a new level.
    If you are looking for a great value rod to inspire you with confidence and help you fish more effectively, the Catana FX is a great choice.
    Built on a full carbon blank, this great looking range is sure to get you noticed and comes in two specific actions. The fast action is designed for jigs and soft baits, and the moderate-fast action is perfect for fishing crankbaits.
    Choose any model from the wide range of options and you can be sure that you have a rod that will enable you to fish to your maximum performance, and beyond.
    The full carbon blank of the Catana FX is enhanced with Geofibre, which adds strength.
    This is very useful in the lighter models, especially when playing large, powerful fish that are testing your tackle to the maximum.
    All models are fitted with Shimano Hardlite guides, which are light, strong and perfectly suited to mono and braided mainlines.
    To enhance performance further and complement the modern appearance, an ergonomic VSS style reel seat blends perfectly into the blank.
    This design style is widely used by pro anglers.
    There are 8 models in the fast action range, which enable you to put maximum action into jigs and softbaits , and transfer your hand movements to the lure with maximum efficiency.
    These are fitted with a modern Cork/EVA combination handle.
    In the moderate-fast action range there are over 20 models. These are versatile and can be used for many different lure fishing styles, but are especially good when fishing crankbaits.
    They are fitted with a cork handle and have an exceptional fighting action to overcome the largest and most powerful fish.
    Whichever Catana you choose, you can be sure that you have made a great choice to elevate your fishing performance to new heights. 

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