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Spiningas Komplektas su Rite 2.44m 10-30g Abu IKE DUDE SETAS

  • Spiningas Komplektas su Rite 2.44m 10-30g Abu IKE DUDE SETAS

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    Spiningas - ilgis 2.44m, užmetimas 10-30g, 2 dalys, ritė - 5.2:1, valas monoflamentinis - 120/0.25 m/mm , 2 guoliai.

  • Inspired by Mike Laconelli, these are designed for new anglers eager to start fishing quickly and easily! Made from strong components, the reel has 2 bearings and comes pre-spooled with 0.25mm mono. A multi-purpose 8ft set up that is perfect for freshwater or seawater fishing. Perfect for targeting Mackerel, Bass & pollock or equally at home fishing on lakes for hard fighting Pike, Perch or Zander.


    Strong and reliable composite blanks
    Lightweight stainless steel guides
    Ergonomic EVA handle grips
    2 ball bearings
    Aluminium spool
    Pre-spooled with 0,25mm diameter mono line
    Ready to fish


    Bearing Count: 2
    Rod Power: Medium
    Rod Length: 2.44m
    Number of Pieces: 2
    Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
    Rod Action: Moderate
    Rod Handle Type: Split
    Reel Size: 30
    Anti-Reverse Feature: No Anti-Reverse
    Reel Spool Material: Aluminium
    Drag Type: Front Drag
    Mono Capacity m/mm: 120/0.25
    Braid Capacity m/mm: 120/0.25
    Rod Blank Material: Carbon Composite
    Rod Handle Material: EVA
    Hook Keeper: Yes
    Lure Rating: 10-30g
    Guide Type: Stainless Steel