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Spiningas jūrinis Penn Aly Boat 1.68m 50-100LB

  • Spiningas jūrinis Penn Aly Boat 1.68m 50-100LB

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  • Ilgis 1,68m, užmetimo svoris 1000-2000g (50-100Lb), 1 dalys, transportavimas 168cm, svoris 626g

    STT (Solid Tip Technology)
    Heavy Duty Reel Seat
    Pac Bay Guides
    TRQ EVA and slick butt grips 

    Designed to match up with multiple series of Penn reels for big game and Norway fishing. With a solid tip fiberglass blank design for increased durability, and top-end components, the Ally rods are one of the best value boat rods on the market today.

    The Penn is a serious rod to take on the biggest fish found in UK waters. It is a powerful rod but Penn have designed it in such a way that it has all the grunt you need but retains a lovely action making it a joy to use rather than just a poker. The heart of the rod is the 1 piece tubular glass blank which incorporates a STT solid tip to give surprising sensitivity and feel. Bend into a fish and the tip quickly blends into the mid and butt sections which just keep applying the pressure to help you play your catch to the boat.

    The fittings match the rod perfectly with the use of heavy duty lined Fuji aluminium oxide intermediate guides. The double locking machined aluminium reel seat is mounted low on the butt with a long shaped EVA fore-grip to give you plenty of room to get both hands on the rod. A gimbal butt cap allows the rod to be used with a pad to make long fights more comfortable.

    If you are looking for a rod to tackle big sharks, skate or even tuna then this is a great option. Back in the day we used to sell lots of this style of rod for pirk fishing deep water North Sea marks for cod. Nowadays if you are looking to try and pull 30lb+ cod up from the depths of the North Atlantic then this rod can still make sense to use. 

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