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Signalizatorių komplektas Deluxe Wireless 3+1

  • Signalizatorių komplektas Deluxe Wireless 3+1

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  • Wireless Bite-Detector-Set DX-1 (3 piece set with blue LED`s )The DX-1 Wireless Bite Detector-Set was tested and developed on an electronic circuit over an extended period of time. All aspects relative to creating a modern wireless bite detector such as design, compactness, technic, and durability were taken into consideration. (The set can be expanded to handle up to 5 bite detectors). The set is made of 3 units (3 x blue LED), while the bite detector has 5 levels of volume, pitch, and sensitivity, extremely bright blue LED, night light, and a range of approximately 150 m. (The bite-detector requires a 9 V battery ). Product specifications: - Adjustable Pitch / Volume and Sensitivity - 8 setting levels - Automatic run / bite distinction with different colored LED`s - Night light function - Connection jack for optical bite-detector ex. JENZI-Rollever bite-detector ). - Mute function - Automatic receiver recognition - Rubber coated housing - Durable transport case - Optionally expandable to 4 bite-detectors Set 3 Bite-Detectors + Receiver .