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Ritė Spin Bionik D-3000 5-guoliai

  • Ritė Spin Bionik D-3000 5-guoliai

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  • Ritė Spin Bionik 5-guolių, redukcija 5.2:1, valo talpa 0.25mm / 225m, svoris 280g

    With the Bionik series, DLT has designed a very modern spinning mill.Thanks to the good features you come prepared with this mill on the waterfront.The Bionic is a stylish mill with which you can get a better grip on fishing


    • 4 stainless steel ball bearings
    • Sturdy bracket
    • Suitable for predatory fish, whitefish etc.
    • Comfortable pendulum
    • Very affordable mill full of unique features
    • Line-friendly line clip
    • Exactly adjustable slip
    • Tough appearance
    • Strong head shaft


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