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RITĖ Nasci FC Shimano

  • RITĖ Nasci FC Shimano

    Kodas: 33014100
    12590  Sutaupykite 2600 
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 1 vnt.
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  • 1000: Valo talpa 170m/0.18mm. Perdavimas 5.0:1. Svoris 205g. Valo susukimas 62cm. Stabdžio galia 3kg. Guoliai 5+1

    2500S HG: Valo talpa 240m/0.20mm. Perdavimas 6.2:1. Svoris 240g. Valo susukimas 91cm. Stabdžio galia 9kg Guoliai 5+1 

    C3000 HG: Valo talpa 210m/0.25mm. Perdavimas 6,2:1. Svoris 240g.Valo susukimas 91cm. Stabdžio galia 9kg Guoliai 5+1 

    4000 XG: Valo talpa 260m/0.25mm. Perdavimas 6,2:1. Svoris 285g. Valo susukimas 99cm. Stabdžio galia 11kg Guoliai 5+1 

    4000: Valo talpa 180m/0.30mm. Perdavimas 4,7:1. Svoris 285g. Valo susukimas 82cm. Stabdžio galia 11kg Guoliai 5+1 

    The NASCI front drag reel range embraces modern design and visual trends, with Shimano's unrivalled engineering excellence. The understated, almost monochromic grey body features subtle chrome accents and fits perfectly alongside Shimano's latest reels, making the range a compelling proposition for anglers looking for a mid-priced reel. In use, the unmistakable strength and durability of Hagane gear and the reassuring torque and solidity of X-SHIP is immediately apparent. NASCI features a wide range of impressive, proven technology including HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP, Coreprotect on line roller (IPX4), G Free Body (made from lightweight CI4+), AR-C Spool and S A-RB bearings, but it's real appeal is the silhouette and looks that are as attractive as almost anything else in the market place, irrespective of cost. 

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