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Ritė Nakima FX 2500 10 guoliu

  • Ritė Nakima FX 2500 10 guoliu

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  • FX 2500 10guoliu, redukcija 6,2:1, valo talpa 200m/0,20mm, svoris 270g

    Nakima Highspeed FX 2500 Extremely high 6,2:1 transmission ratio - brilliant optic - narrow bodied A real high-speed match-, feeder-, or predatory fish reel, able to put the needed time difference between you and the competition. With a transmission ratio of 6,2:1, speedy precise retrieval of feeder baskets, rigging, or bait is easily accomplished. Ideal for going after fast predatory-fish such as Asp or Sea Trout. Technical features of the NAKIMA SX 2500: Includes an additional flat metal spool Extremely fast line retrieval High-speed transmission ratio 6,2:1 9 + 1 quality ball bearings Finely adjustable front-brake Unlimited backstop Aluminum long-cast spool Reinforced baill-arm Anti-twist line roller Comfortable EVA crank knob Lightweight / sturdy reel-body

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