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Ritė Muselinė Litespeed 2 hard Alox Lamson (4-6 wt) Made in USA

  • Ritė Muselinė Litespeed 2 hard Alox Lamson (4-6 wt) Made in USA

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  • Made in USA

    Not long ago Lamson introduced a Limited Edition Series 1 Litespeed with great success. With more extensive frame and spool porting, the Litespeed Hard Alox is based on the Series 1 development. Lighter without sacrificing strength, the Litespeed Hard Alox comes in a close second to a corresponding Force reel in terms of retrieve rate and weight, and each shares our patented maintenance-free, super smooth conical drag.

    Format: True Large Arbor
    Materials: Aluminum, 17-4 and 303 stainless steel
    Finish: Hard Alox™
    Weight: 3.80 oz 

    When Lamson debuted the Limited Edition Series 1 Litespeed, these reels came clad in a new kind of armor; a more evolved version of their Type 3 “Guide Finish,” but smoother to the touch and much greater coating depth. They believed it had a unique visual appeal and was consistent with The Waterworks-Lamson’ never-wavering “form follows function” design ethos.

    Their dealers and customers agreed. This season all of The Waterworks-Lamson's premium reels are offered in one fantastic finish only — a proprietary combination of alloy selection, mechanical preparation and conversion coating we are dubbing “Hard Alox.” The term “Hard Alox” is taken from the anodizing process itself, wherein the aluminum surface is converted to aluminum oxide. By increasing the coating thickness and reducing porosity, the Hard Alox coating is much more durable than even the bulletproof Guide finish of seasons past.

    Hard Alox trumps the conventional and ubiquitous Type 2 anodize, a finish which emphasizes gloss and color selection over durability. Name a reel from any other manufacturer and it will be thinly-clad in a Type 2 finish. In place of Type 2, HARD ALOX™ offers you enhanced resistance to abrasion, impact and corrosion and a look that tells the story of beauty which, while not being just “skin deep,” actually does start there.

    The Clutch
    The Waterworks-Lamson brands employ a fully STAINLESS STEEL zero-lash roller clutch. This mechanism relies on the locking effect of a number of ramps and rollers to achieve torque transmission. There are no “teeth” or “steps” to break off or wear out. The zero-lash feature means instant engagement, improving feel and eliminating “spike” that the reel, line and leader experience when a typical pawl clutch hooks up.