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Ritė Mitchell AVOCET R Match 4000

  • Ritė Mitchell AVOCET R Match 4000

    Kodas: 601428051
    7800  Sutaupykite 1600 
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 2 vnt.
    Pirkdami galite gauti 6200 taškų.
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    4-guoliai, redukcija 6.0:1, valo talpa 0,18mm/150m, svoris 336g


    The Avocet Match reels have been especially designed for modern match, float and surface fishing. All types have a high gear ratio (6:0.1) for ultra fast retrieve, which results in roughly 100cm of line per handle turn!


    This is incredible for a compact reel like the Avocet. They are supplied with a shallow match spool with the clever line ID rims. The special dual line clip system (with metal clips) allows the angler to unlock the line quick and easy or to fix the line at two exact casting distances.



    • One touch quick folding system
    • Match R available in RD
    • 6:0.1 gear ratio for very fast retrieve
    • Shallow aluminium spool with line ID system
    • Innovative double line clip system on spool
    • Instant Anti-Reverse
    • Multi disc drag greased felt
    • Soft touch knob