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Ritė Carp Ekspert Antana LC 8000

  • Ritė Carp Ekspert Antana LC 8000

    Kodas: 152362080
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  • Talpa320m/0,40mm, redukcija4,1:1, guoliai 9+1, svoris 650g

    Antana LC 8000 Long-Range Casting reel deluxe For shore angling, carp fishing and feeder angling Direct Stop Flat-Black Design - Fast-Drag Brake 2.5 Technical Components of the ANTANA LC 8000 Reel: Ultra-thin and light reel-body Light aluminum spool Precision line wind-up due to slow volume Balance rotor Smooth aluminum long-cast spool 9 + 1 quality ball bearings Finely adjustable fast-drag 2.5 front brake Unlimited back-stop High quality anti-twist line feeder Reinforced bell Comfortable rubber crank buttons Body constructed from strong lightweight material