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Muselinis Komplektas Carbon Fly Spiningas 2.55m+ritė+valas

  • Muselinis Komplektas Carbon Fly Spiningas 2.55m+ritė+valas

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    INSPIRE Fly-fishing-Combo Everything has a beginning! The INSPIRE Fly-fishing-kit is a balanced well thought through set for the introduction into the world of fly fishing. Equipped with an INSPIRE ST 586, which has a length of 2,55 m and a line class of #5 and a Large Arbor fly reel. The fly reel is equipped with a rust free cover and a WF-line class #5 including backing (20lb). The reel is designed for both right as well as left handed persons. Included in the set is 2 fly boxes. Size of packaged material: 87 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm. (Cordura-Case not included in delivery)
    length: 2,55 m

    length: 8´5" ft

    Line Class: #5

    model: Flyfishing-Combo

    No. of parts: 4

    Weight of rod: 108 g

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