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Plūdė Šaminė Siluro Deluxe

  • Plūdė Šaminė Siluro Deluxe

    Kodas: 156673020
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 15 vnt.
    Pirkdami galite gauti 500 taškų.
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    Made in Germany.

  • PREDATORY FISH FLOATS after the old school! Suitable materials were scarce and money was needed to care for the family. This meant that our ancestors would use the most simply constructed floats to accomplish the one purpose. Bite detection in every situation - even by strong wind and bad weather. We dug around in the tackle boxes of our grandfathers and rediscovered these beautiful floats for you, tastefully hand crafted and made in Germany. From the age old classics - the slitted float, the combination float and the slip-through/stationary float - at sensational prices. You are sure to find your favorite float.

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