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Pavadėlis karpinis Kryston 25lb MULTI-STRAND Original Wychwood

  • Pavadėlis karpinis Kryston 25lb MULTI-STRAND Original Wychwood

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    Pavadėlis karpinis Kryston 25lb, 11.4kg, 20m


    Naujausi aukštųjų technologijų pluoštai. Tokio mažo skersmens pavadėlio stiprumas yra puikus. Norėdami apsaugoti pavadėlį padengiame jį tvirtu polimeru, naudodami daugiasluoksnį procesą. Galutinę dangą sudaro ne mažiau kaip 30 atskirų sluoksnių! Iš to gaunamas labai kokybiškas produktas su neįtikėtinai tvirta danga.

    Patekę į vandenį, jo siūlai tampa beveik nematomi. Dėl unikalaus mažo skersmens jis pritaikytas visom karpinėm sistemom. Žvejojant virš minkšto dumblo, kieto smėlio, molio ar kieto žvyro, šio pavadėlio negalima pažeisti. Tyrimais įrodyta, kad jo ypač mažas skersmuo paverčia jį nematomu žuvim, o šarvuota danga užtikrina, kad visos svarbios vidinės pynės yra visiškai apsaugotos.




    This is the unique creation that back in 1988 revolutionized specialist hook-lengths, since then it has stood the test of time and continues to fool large wary line-shy fish. In comparison to braids its presentation is worlds apart and truly in a class of its own.

    Unlike a braid or monofilament K.M.S. is not a solid line. Its construction consists of continuous lengths of multi-filaments using the world’s strongest fibre, this makes its behaviour in water unique.

    Once on contact with water its ultra soft filaments start to separate and spread out making them almost invisible. Because the line is not solid the fibres instantly flatten on touch as carp mouth the bait.

    For those who fish for wary line-shy fish this product should certainly be considered. If you want instant proof of its effectiveness then try this simple test. Drape a short length of Open Stranded K.M.S. between finger and thumb. Now press your thumb down to trap the line, that action is similar to a carp closing its mouth. The result is incredible! You will be hard pressed to feel a single fibre between finger and thumb.

    K.M.S. offers many options for modern day rigs. It’s tailor-made for the supple end of combi-links, excellent for floater fishing and first-rate as a short hook-link.

    Once you feel Multi-Strand the reasons for its success are there for all to see, ultra fine diameter, high knot strength, and unbelievable abrasion resistance for such a thin line.

    K.M.S. is truly a product without equal. For the specialist pursuing ultra cautious fish it offers unique types of presentation that no other line can match.

    Multi-strand continues to fool fish in all types of waters and remains a long time favourite with the successful forward thinkers.
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