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Parašiutas dreifavimo valties su rankinė Wychwood PACKAWAY

  • Parašiutas dreifavimo valties su rankinė Wychwood PACKAWAY

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    Laikymo krepšys su rankena. 25 pėdų 2 [2,25 m2] parašiutas. 5 m atsparios puvimui „nematomi“ kanatai. Tvirtos C-Clip metalinės tvirtinimo detalės. Dvigubos svirties, užtikrinančios dreifuojančio vairavimo galimybes. Sustiprintos siūlės tvirtumui. Lengvai sulankstomas dizainas. Parašiuto dydis: 1,8m x 1,3m 

  • The 'Packaway International Para-Drogue will increase fishing capability from the boat to international competition standards, by considerably slowing down the boat's drift speed in windy conditions. This will allow the angler or anglers to present flies for longer periods within the correct feeding zone.

    Featuring, its own inbuilt stow bag, this drogue is easy to store and transport, it also means it can be hung to drip dry with ease. It also features rot-proof, black ropes which maintain stealth while on the water, the dual rope design also allows the angler to direct the boat while drifting.

    Along with this fantastic directional function the dual ropes allow for a speedy retrieve of the drogue when a change of drift is needed, by pulling on one rope the drogue collapses fast.

    Traditional two angler drogue set-up, secured behind each angler gives an even keel drift. By moving one of the drogue fixing points, the boat will drift across the wind in the direction the clamp is moved. By controlling the drogue in this manner anglers can determine the direction they wish to travel.

    Built in storage bag with carry handle
    25ft2 [2.25m2] competition legal parachute
    5m Rot-proof 'invisible' ropes
    Strong C-Clip metal fixings
    Dual arms for drift steering capabilities
    Reinforced stitching for strength
    Easily collapsible design
    Drogue parachute size: 1.8m x 1.3m