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Meškerė Turbo Trout 3.90m 6-15g

  • Meškerė Turbo Trout 3.90m 6-15g

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    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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    3.90m 6-15g, transport.ilgis 105cm, 8 dalys, svoris tik 197g!

  • The new Tremarella "TURBO TROUT" rod series was developed in cooperation with our trout experts. The entire gamut of modern Tremarella trout angling has been harmonized into this colorful rod series. This rod has been designed in such fashion that even the faintest nibble can be felt pulsating from the soft and sensitive rod tip all the way to the handle. At the same time, extremely long casts are made possible due to its hard spine. The handle has been specially treated with a "sanded" coat to insure for an even better grip. Cork has been left out in order to provide for an even more sensitive feel for the bait and fish. The rod series "TURBO TROUT" with its various colors and cast weight categories (1-4 numbered) encompasses the entire spectrum of Temarella angling. * Extra thin rod with extremely strong spine * Special action through the middle, enabling the Tremarella technique * The smallest movement is felt clear to the grip * 4 rod categories and casting weights * Sliding reel holder saves additional weight * "Sanded" grip for better hold * Various colors and modern design distinguishes your rod from others

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