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Meškerė Makrele MK 2,70m 80-200g

  • Meškerė Makrele MK 2,70m 80-200g

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  • Ilgis 2,70 m, užmetimo svoris 80-200g, transport. ilgis 140cm, 2 dalys, svoris 317g

    Modern and Sturdy Mackerel Rod MK 270 - The MK 270 Mackerel rod for "extreme" Mackerel angling The ideal Mackerel rod for boat angling. Our DEGA Sea experts have specially developed the "Makrele MK 270" rod for the passionate Sea angler. The sturdy robust fiberglass blank, the rugged guides, the screw on reel-holder as well as the debris resistant high-sealed EVA handle combine all of the characteristics of a sturdy well-conceived mackerel rod. The stabile and resilient rod-blank allow for a secure retrieval, which is especially advantageous when mackerel fishing. Fiberglass Blank 2,70 + 3,00 - ideal boat length Attractive design Sturdy guides Stabile screw on reel-holder Highly sealed easy-clean EVA-handle Comfortable angling from the boat

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