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Meškerė Aicas Feeder iki 150g Powerful Carbon

  • Meškerė Aicas Feeder iki 150g Powerful Carbon

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  • Meškerė Aicas Feeder 3.60m iki 150g, transport.ilgis 125cm, svoris 268g, 3 dalys. Medium-Heavy

    Meškerė Aicas Feeder 3.90m iki 150g, transport.ilgis 135cm, svoris 288g, 3 dalys. Medium-Heavy

    Dynamic Feeder-rods with high quality components By using the proper casting weights (Medium / M60 for up to 60 g and Medium-Heavy / M150 for up to 150 g), the feeder basket can be consistently and accurately placed on target. The blank possesses powerful casting qualities and preforms masterfully in the retrieval. Hard yet sensitive spine The 3,00m and 3,30m lengths are ideal for use as "Picker-Rods" at short distances High-quality well balanced guides FSP Fast-Sensitive-Powerful Carbon-Blank 3 Feeder-tips in various colors Longer and higher quality cork handle with EVA components Available in diverse lengths and casting-weights