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Blizgė Scandin Varinė/juoda swarovski

  • Blizgė Scandin Varinė/juoda swarovski

    Kodas: 155199030
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 2 vnt.
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  • Blizgė Scandin Varinė/juoda swarovski

    Fastcast The "FASTCAST" spoon was developed to overcome large distances. Where other baits such as braid-lures, bait-fish, plugs, spinners, or soft-bait because of their limited casting weight can not be used, the "FASTCAST" is in its element. Regardless of whether it is a dam that is too broad or outer curves where the gutters can not be accessed; - this is where the wedge shaped and weighty "FASTCAST" is called for. Through its sophisticated shape weight distribution, it is able to reach distances and depths that standard bait can not handle. Its engraved surface additionally sends out compression waves and scattered light reflexes that no predatory fish can ignore.

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