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Blizgė Šaminė Spec Waller 100g

  • Blizgė Šaminė Spec Waller 100g

    Kodas: 155230100
    2500  Sutaupykite 500 
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 5 vnt.
    Pirkdami galite gauti 2000 taškų.
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  • Catfish Spoon RS1 The SILURO SPECIAL Catfish Spoon RS1 encompasses a whole new generation of soon angling. This spoon developed by Roman Seiderer is an asymmetric construction that surprisingly imitates one sort of the prey of a catfish. The very high spoon width creates a very attention-getting surface level contact, causing the bearded creatures to not be able to resist diving after it. The metal body of the spoon is shaped in a fashion that causes maximum water pressure with minimal spoon movement. The advantage is a higher visibility to the catfish, and an easier bait presentation for the angler. Assembled with 3 x Strong VMC treble hooks and high quality components. Catfish wood, Kuttjer, Klong Essential to the successful catfish angler: the Catfish wood. As valuable today as it was yesterday! Those that know it, value it, because it lures in the cats! The "Ledger- and Slider Booms" were developed for bottom angling. The advantage of these plastic pieces is that the connected bottom leads glide very smoothly along the main line. On top of this, the lead can be quickly adjusted to the changing condition of the current. Our "Power Swivel" is delivered without a karabiner. Experience has shown that it is best to avoid using such and in so doing avoid the "weak spot" when hunting the large fish. "Underwater Floats" belong to the standard equipment for the catfish angler. High quality material was the only raw material that met our standards for good underwater floats.