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Blizgė Peacock XL 21g

  • Blizgė Peacock XL 21g

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    Corrigator Pea Cock XL This ingenious "take down" system makes it possible, and the Pea Cock XL takes you to the fish. With an adjustable spinner blade axle, you can angle where the fish are at home! By positioning the axle in the wedged-setting (diagram 1), the bait can be set directly over barriers or rock embankments. The special angle of the spinner blade and the jig head makes it possible to move "away from the barrier - back toward the angler". By positioning the axle in the corner-setting (diagram 2), a perpendicular sinking of the bait can be achieved. With this setting it is possible to fish pile walls and steep banks. 1. With the wedged-setting, the spinner-bait sinks away from the shore. 2. With the corner-setting, the spinner-baits falls straight down.

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