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Blizgė Flatfish plekšnių gaudymui

  • Blizgė Flatfish plekšnių gaudymui

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  • Blizgė Flatfish plekšnių gaudymui25g,Silber

    Flatfish-Spoons - rigged Alluring spoons for Flatfish- and Sea-angling. The spoon is attached to a fully assembled leader (swivel, hook, line, and luminous beads). The different color variations as well as the luminous beads entice the fish in an added way. Simply allow the spoon to sink - raise the tip of the rod and then 2-3 turns of the reel - and repeat. The "Dustcloud" that is created draws the fish`s attention causing it to be aggressive. Available in 2 different weight classes and in 3 of the most often used colors. 1 Ea/SB-packaged.

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