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Akiniai Poliarizuoti UV-400 Block Mod-5 Flou

  • Akiniai Poliarizuoti UV-400 Block Mod-5 Flou

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    Akiniai Poliarizuoti UV Block

  • Akiniai Poliarizuoti UV Block, kietas dėklas, valymo servetėlė.

    Polarisation-Glasses Next to a rod, reel, and line - a modern and good set of polarizing glasses is one of the most import utensils needed on the water. The glare and reflection of the water is reduced allowing for a view of the underwater world - the fish and the bait being presented. A Must-Have for every modern angler on the water. Delivered complete with: Sunglass tether Hard-Case holder Microfiber cleaning clo


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